We have a centralised engagement system. If you would like to appoint us for a claim, a risk survey or a consulting engagement, contact our offices by telephone, by email or by simply filling in an enquiry form online. We will quickly go through the enquiry and assess the requirements of the engagement, its location and the information provided. We will immediately appoint the best person or people for the job on our team with an assignment team leader. Generally the process and the engagement can be expected to unfold as follows:

  1.  Receipt of the assignment, appointment mandate/letter and assignment documentation
  2. Acknowledgement of the assignment within 24 hours
  3. Contacting the client/insured within the same 24 hour window and set an appointment
  4. Research and understanding of the insured’s business
  5. Understanding the critical areas being affected by the loss even occurrence
  6. Advise the insured on possible loss mitigation measures before or during our visit
  7. Visit the insured within 48 hours of appointment
  8. Request all the relevant documents (which have not been provided by the principals during appointment) required to investigate the claim from the insured  
  9. Consider the possibility of any interim payments and communicate same to Principals
  10. Discuss with Principals on an ongoing basis
  11. Submit first report within 48 hours of the first visit
  12. Conduct regular post loss liaison meetings
  13. Determine estimated timelines to conclude the claim
  14. Discuss with all parties, on an ongoing basis, the loss quantum aspects, trend adjustments and all other pertinent issues to ensure a smooth flow of the process.
  15. Discuss different opinions in a proactive way to avoid surprises

We always take a consultative approach, endeavoring that ourselves, the principals and the insured must be on the same page throughout the engagements on progress, timelines, requirements and expectations. The engagement team leader, once appointed, becomes the main contact person for that engagement throughout the duration of the engagement, and can be reached anytime for any necessary follow ups either by email, office/mobile phone or meeting in person by appointment.