About Us


Business Interruption & General Loss Adjusters is a fully black owned company founded in South Africa with the primary emphasis of filling the gap in business interruption claims loss adjusting, risk surveying, risk management and management consulting.

Our goal is to be an Africa based international Loss Adjusting, Risk Management and Consulting Services firm of choice. With the constantly changing universal climate, the fast tracked technological advancement and the big data, businesses are left exposed to a chain of risks. Insurance is seen as the giant required to guard against losses arising through these risks. The burden on the insurance industry is constantly growing with clients making more claims and pushing for higher payouts than ever before. Insurers are faced with a growing need to ensure customer risks are correctly determined and quantified, and that claims are thoroughly investigated, verified and quantified. The founders and employees of our organization are equipped with dynamic expertise in insurance, loss adjusting, risk management, claims management, auditing, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, legal and business experience spanning for over decades. They have been exposed to various facets of loss adjusting and handled large and complex international losses and risks in South Africa and abroad. The Shareholders and Management have extensive experience in the region.  The company boasts of a young, dedicated and dynamic team of professionals who are extremely client and excellence oriented.

B.I & General prides itself in providing an independent perspective on the indemnity of losses through business interruption and other general risks originating from specified and insured perils. We strive to assess the incumbent business methodology, observe the trends and adjust the loss accordingly. Whilst there is normally a single comprehensive way of arriving at the insured revenue, gross profit, business trend and loss suffered figures, businesses vary widely in the way they operate and resultantly the presentation of their financial accounts. As B.I & General, we involve ourselves in the processes of such businesses and come up with formulas which are fair for the insured’s business set-up whilst not prejudicing the insurers and calculate a fair indemnity amount solely premised on without prejudice basis.

In addition to traditional loss adjusting, we also undertake assignments in areas of audit review, pre-risk surveys and enterprise-wide risk management.