Why Appoint BIGLA

The Benefits of Using Us; Why Appoint BIGLA

  • We consider every mandate as an opportunity to engage with our customers and society. Our organisation is built to serve hence we enjoy working on whatever task we get regardless of the size.
  • We have a skilled and experienced team who understand insurance (claims and underwriting), electricity/electronics, chemistry, mechanics, physics, finance, bookkeeping, banking, merchandising, selling, shipping, contracting, engineering, law, medicine, real estate, research and investigation.
  • We can be relied upon to investigate and accurately establish insurable interest and its extent.
  • We promote and build policyholder confidence in the insurer organization and merge ourselves into the culture and language of the principals.
  • We deploy adequate resources to respond to engagement needs.
  • Our deep understanding of insurance practice and law allows us to correctly advise on liability and exposure.
  • We recommend the settlement options and loss reserves in a timely manner.
  • We investigate and advise on potential third party liabilities, recoveries, salvage and savings.
  • We investigate and advise on the existence of coinsurance and any more specific cover for the loss.
  • We analyze in detail the loss in relation to cover and establish all the salient features of the loss so as to provide you with all the answers
  • We establish a solid basis for all claims settlements.
  • We provide a detailed and thorough quantification of the loss meant to satisfy both the policyholder and the Principals.
  • We reach settlement agreements with the policyholder on behalf of principals and also take part in alternative dispute resolution procedures when required.
  • We have a quick turnaround time.
  • We operate throughout South Africa and internationally.
  • We have a great feedback culture.
  • We offer negotiated pricing and rates.
  • We build long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual benefit, shared values and mutual respect.